Experts In Hospitality Linens


Sprawling infrastructural facility equipped with latest machinery

Weaving Preparatory

Our weaving preparatory unit comprises of state-of-art warping and sizing machinery that includes four automatic warping machines and two multi-cylinder sizing machines to feed warp to the in-house weaving as well as for vendor operations. As far as our yarn is concerned, we source cotton, poly-cotton, linen and viscose yarns from reputed spinning mills in Tamil Nadu and other parts of South India.


We have two weaving units installed at our compus. The weaving unit-1 is installed with 8 jacquard shuttle - less projectile looms capable of producing premium quality fabrics of 1000 metres/day. The weaving unit-2 is installed with 36 dobby shuttle-less rapier looms. All are equipped with 20 shafts and 4 colors. The loom has the capability to produce premium quality fabrics like twill, drill, satin, stripe, percale and dobby. All our looms are connected with a loom monitoring system for live data capturing of quality and productivity. Apart from this, we have dedicated job work weaving units with air jet looms, Ruti-c looms and power looms capable of producing 20,000 metres/day.

Processing -
Bleaching & Dyeing, Printing, Coating

We have set-up our own processing facility where we carry out various processes such as continuous bleaching, dyeing and rotary printing. We have the ability to carry out vast dyeing and handling the products in 100% cotton, polyester and in blends like poly-cotton, linen and viscose.

Moving a step ahead, we at Hycom linens, have ventured into the challenging field of coated technical textiles and offer certain exquisite finishes such as water repellent, wrinkle-free, aroma, UV protective, Teflon, mosquito repellent and many more.


We have a state-of-the-art sewing unit with sophisticated over-lock sewing machines, single needle machines, double needle sewing machines and zigzag machines capable of seaming out 20,000 units per day.


At Hycom linens, we have a full-fledged in-house laboratory to carry out various tests from yarn to made-up stage.


Our production activities are planned and monitored through an ERP system called ‘Intex’, a Germany based software that has been designed for the Textile industry. The ERP system specialises in supply chain management.